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Hello Everyone,

When my daughter started school I just wanted her to be happy.

And I hoped she’d be ok academically – you know, do her thing, be where she was, not struggle.

But I also worried – how was she going compared to everyone else?

And it dawned on me – this was me with my ‘Mum’ hat on- worried and emotional. When I stood back and put my ‘Teacher’ hat on, I knew she was more then fine.

But what about the other parents who didn’t have my teaching background? How would they easily reassure themselves?

So that’s why I started ‘The Education Clinic’ – to share my knowledge, observations, research and opinions. And for you to have access to these and use what you like and discard the stuff you don’t!

The focus for this site is Literacy and specifically reading development. I’ll share ideas on how you can support your child’s literacy development without continually pulling your hair out!

I’ll also share anything else that crosses my mind that might be interesting!

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I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Happy Reading!

Leigh x