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Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

I am so excited to launch my new website! For years I have wanted to share information about primary school and always thought a website would be a great way to do it. And now the day has arrived! I’m particularly interested in the early years of school and how important the right foundation is for every child’s later success. I will share with you what has worked best for the children I have taught over the years and what I’ve seen work for other teachers.

I have a huge soft spot for reading – if I could have one literacy wish granted for all children it would be that they have someone read to them, every day, from a very early age. You are your child’s first teacher and there are simple activities you can do to help build the skills they need to succeed at school. Sounds a bit like I’m preaching but if you are reading this you are probably already helping your child and are one of the converted!

The Education Clinic is new and I’d really love for you – parents, teachers, schools and community to let me know what you need. From recent feedback, I’ve been told that people want more information on how they can help their child at home and what their child should be able to do – so very, very important! Are they your needs? Let me know any of your queries, concerns or frustrations about primary school at (or just fill in the form on the CONTACT page) and I might be able to address them in a blog, new resource or personal email.

Please subscribe to my site. Just enter your email address on the ‘Home’ page or email me at directly and I’ll make sure you get the information. You will be notified when I have posted information and you will be the first to know about any courses and workshops I will be running. In fact I’m just putting some finishing touches on the ‘Beginning Reading’ course for parents of 3, 4 and 5 year olds. This course will outline the seven essential skills your child needs before they start formal reading and how you can help. Unfortunately, there seems to be a growing number of children coming to school without the skills they need. Please don’t miss out on this one!

Wow, my first blog post! Look out for the next few posts on tips for a successful first day at school and how you can give your child an advantage at school.

Happy Learning!


PS. Please click here to see my welcome video!


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