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A Successful First Day


You want the first day of school to be a happy one for both you and your child . So I want to give you my six top tips for the big day .


Tip 1 – The Support Team

It would be fantastic if you could go to school with you child on the first day but if you can’t go, organize for someone special and important to your child to go with them. Most children love to share the first day arrival with someone.


Tip 2 – Begin The Day Well

You should already have bedtime and wake up times set up in your daily routines well before school starts, so make sure the alarm goes off at a time where you don’t have to rush around in a mad panic. You need time for a nutritious, healthy breakfast, time to have showers, clean teeth and get dressed. You should have had school bags and lunchboxes organised the night before and ready to go.  Make sure there is time to drive, ride or walk to school and have a calm, happy chat on the way.


Tip 3 – Be On Time

Make sure you know what time school start – and be there! You might also find there are a few different bells or sirens that may go off in the morning,  so find out what they mean. For example there may be a siren at 8.30am for when class doors open and children can enter the classroom. Then there may be a ‘five minutes until school starts’ warning siren then at 8.45am. Then there might be another siren for school to start at 8.50am. You’ll get used to all of this but make sure you are on time- if not early.

The same should be said for the end of the day. Be on time to collect your child.  Let your child know where you will meet them and be there. For some classes, you’ll need to collect your child from the class, not at another pickup point so find out what happens at your school. If your child is being collected by day care make sure they know how it will all work.


Tip 4 – Be Prepared

You might want to write out a list of all the things you will need take with you. At a minimum you’ll need the school bag, school list items, lunch box, water bottle and hat for your child.


Tip 5 – Stay For A While – Not The Day!

Generally, on the first morning parents will come into the class with their child and the teacher will greet them .The teacher will direct your child to where they will sit or if the children don’t have their own spots they will be told what they can do before the day starts. But sometimes the teacher may be caught up with something else when you arrive, so look around for names on desks or sit down and do a puzzle or read a book. Then either follow your child’s or the class teacher’s cues on when to leave. Don’t out stay your welcome!


Tip 6- Be Normal!

Or your family’s version of normal! You and your child will probably experience a range of emotions on the first day of school and that’s ok. Just try and avoid the extremes – way too excited or way too sad may just start a rollercoaster of first day problems. Now, if your child does become upset try to stay calm. Be assured that the classroom teacher is well trained in these situations. If you feel upset, try and keep a brave face in front of your child then bawl your eyes out in your car. Feelings will be what they will be!


Keep these 6 tips in mind and I hope you both enjoy the first day of school!

Best wishes,




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