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Can You Believe It?

 It’s Term Two Already!

Term Two has started across Australia and for some states it’s already in full swing! Term Two is a big one – everyone (students, teachers and maybe even you!) have settled in and we really get into things. For most schools, it is also the term that you will get a formal, written report on your child’s progress.

For Term Two Parents Should: 

Make sure your child is going to school – Taking a vacation during school time can cause problems. Your child should be going to school every day unless they are ill or have a genuine reason. Holidays are nice, everyone has different circumstances, but school is important. Attendance is taken very seriously by your school.

Contact your class teacher – If you have not had a chance to contact your child’s teacher, now is a great time. You can do this in person, in a note or by email. If you want to find out how your child is going, ask for an appointment and let the teacher know what the meeting is for – this gives your child’s teacher the chance to prepare something useful and not have to try and talk with you whilst a million things are going on in the classroom. Don’t let the first time you find out how your child is going be reading their school report.

Read : Whether this is reading to your child or they read to you, try to set aside 15 minutes a day to enjoy a book.

For Term Two, this teacher would:

Start the term knowing how each child was going. At the end of Term One I would look over each child’s work, asked questions and noted observations. This would help me decide what I needed to cover in Term Two.

Look through all of my resources– I love this part! I sit down and inhale all of the curriculum materials, books, websites etc to plan an interesting, fun (for me as well!) term. I look at each subject area separately (although many areas overlap) and then decide what we need to cover, what lessons we will have and how I will check each child’s understanding.

Create an overview – I personally do an overview of the Term, then break it down to a weekly program, then day by day, lesson by lesson. Most teachers have their own way of planning but we are all accountable to the curriculum.

Adapt and Change – As a teacher you have to be flexible – I might plan for something to take four lessons but sometimes the children get so excited by a topic that we explore it for longer. Who’d want to squash such enthusiasm! Or maybe the concepts are a little tricky and more time is needed to understand. Other times the children surprise you by picking up something so quickly we just move on!

Plan, Teach, Assess – Our learning program would continue – I keep checking that all the things we had to cover were being covered. I continue to assess how each child is going and keep records. My records might be ticks and crosses on a checklist, written notes or work samples (I would keep a copy of a child’s piece of work).

Meetings – I like to meet with any parents or guardians of children I have concerns for. This gives me the opportunity to explain the issues as well as how I plan to tackle them. I also offer suggestions on what can be done at home to help.

Enjoy Term Two – I’m sure it will fly by!

Happy learning!



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