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Exploring The Alphabet and Single Sounds

Hello Everyone!

Letter Magnets 2

Before your child begins the ‘formal’ part of learning to read, they need to be given the opportunity to explore the letters of the alphabet and hear the single sounds in ‘less formal’ situations. Exploring the letters and sounds is an important part to your child learning to read.

Children need to be introduced to the alphabet and realise that though squiggles on the page mean something! This can all be done in a fun, playful way!

Over the coming weeks I will share some ‘short and sharp’ ideas for exploring the letters and sounds of the alphabet at home or in the classroom.

The first strategy is this one:


Have A Variety Of Alphabet Objects Available For Your Child To Look At And Play With


Allow your child to see a range of alphabet objects. This can help your child to explore the alphabet letters and sounds. Being exposed to the alphabet in a fun way can help them know that the alphabet exists and is an important part of reading.

So what are some of the alphabet objects you can have available?

• Letter stamps

• Letter tiles

• Letter magnets

• Velcro letters

• Letter cookie cutters

• Magazines to cut out letters

• A variety of reading material – lots of books, magazines, junk mail, instructions, recipes etc to see all the letters

• Alphabet charts and puzzles

• Alphabet books

• Letter stencils

• Crafts for each letter of the alphabet

By giving your child lots of different opportunities to see the letters of the alphabet and hear the sounds they make gives your child the best chance to recognize letters and their sounds.

Happy Letter Learning!




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