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Fabulous Literacy Articles, Ideas and Research

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to begin this month by sharing some great articles, ideas and research from clever people about reading, books and child development. I hope you find them as interesting as I did!


Picture Books


1. Want to find out the New York Times Best Selling Picture Books for January 2014? Click Here

(Source: The Children’s Book Review)


2. The Guardian also compiled a list of The Best Children’s Literature of 2013. This list covers picture books to novels – Click Here

(Source: The Guardian)


3. Why Are Picture Books Important? Click Here

(Source: Picture Book Month)


Pre-Reading Skills

4. Phonological Awareness is an essential pre-reading skill. Find out The Importance of Phonological Awareness Here

(Source: Wired Cosmos)


5.  Seven Ways to Increase Phonological Awareness Here

(Source: North Shore Pediatric Therapy)


Child Development


6. Read about a new study in Child Development which suggests early hearing speed may predict a student’s reading and spelling Here.

(Source: Education Week)


7. Hillary Clinton shared a graph that showed the percentage of children, ages birth through two, who had a family member read, sing or tell them a stories everyday in the past week – Click Here

(Source: Washington Post)


8. This article focuses on the idea that the more words children hear, the more their language skills grow – Click Here

(Source: Counsel & Heal)


Reading and Literacy


9. Eight Tips for Teaching Your Child To Read – Click Here

(Source: Rusty and Rosy Reading)


10. Getting Your Kids To Love Reading – Click Here

(Source: Love Reading 4 Kids)


11. Twenty Five Ways Schools Can Promote Literacy and Independent Reading – Click Here

(Source: TeachThought)


12. Important early literacy terms every parent needs to know – Click Here

(Source: Teach Mama)


Happy Reading!




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