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20 Great Ways To Introduce Letter Learning Into The Every Day


Learning the letters doesn’t have to be boring – for you or your child!  If you are stuck for ideas, try some of these fun and simple ways to learn the letters in your every day.


Here are 20 ways to play with letters:


  1. Whenever you child does a painting or a drawing, write their name at the bottom and point to the letters in their name

  2. Have magnets available to play with on the fridge or magnet board

  3. Use letter stamps

  4. Use letter cookie cutters

  5. Cut letters out from magazines, newspapers or any junk mail you receive. Glue them on a poster

  6. Make an alphabet poster – draw a picture to represent every letter together

  7. Draw with letter stencils

  8. Read an alphabet book

  9. Point out letters in signs. Make it a ‘treasure hunt’ to see who can find a certain letter first

  10. Alphabet puzzles – there are many great commercially made alphabet puzzles or make your own simple ones

  11. Write letters in the sand

  12. Decorate a letter

  13. Use shaving cream to trace or write the letters

  14. Paint the letters

  15. Sing the alphabet song and songs that repeat a certain sound

  16. Make the letters using your body

  17. Do some alphabet craft – the internet has a tonne of ideas and templates!

  18. Search for great interactive games on the web

  19. Do activities that start with each letter of the alphabet (Don’t worry – I’ll be sending you plenty of ideas!)

  20. READ, READ, READ! Read books, magazines, emails, recipes, instructions etc to your child.

It is often the simple little chats about letters that your child will remember because it was relevant to their day. Look for letter learning opportunities and you will find them!

Next time I’ll be answering a question I get asked a lot – ‘Should my child learn the letter names or the sounds first?’. If you’d like to receive this information straight in to your inbox, please pop your email address into the newsletter box at the top of the page.

Until next time,

 Happy Reading!





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