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Learning The Letters And Sounds Introduction



Hello Everyone!

Learning the letters of the alphabet will be a very important part of your child’s journey into learning to read.


Learning the sounds the letters make will be just as important.

But you might be surprised how early your child starts on their adventure in to learning to read.


You see learning to read starts way back when you are talking to your baby- they hear the sounds you are making and start to copy them. They eventually form their own words – perhaps starting with Mama or Dada. Your child then starts to pick up and use more of the words they have been hearing and start to form short sentences eventually speaking clear, well formed sentences. Your little one is like a little language sponge!


As you read gorgeous and wonderful books to your child, some will start to show interest in the ‘squiggles’ they see on the page. They notice the letters and words around them and want to know more about them.


 And this is the perfect time to start to explore the letter names and the sounds they make.


Over the next couple of months I will be sharing really important information with you on how your child can learn the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make.


 I’ll let you know:


* When your child should start to learn the alphabet
* Why learning the letter names and sounds is important
* How to prepare your child for learning the alphabet
* What to do to help your child learn the alphabet
* How to set up a happy and successful letter learning environment
* Which order to introduce the letters



I’ll also answer questions such as:


Should your child learn the letter names or letter sounds first?

Should I teach my child the lower case or the upper case first?




I will share fun, simple and amazing activities, ideas and resources for learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet!


This is going to be awesome!


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If you have any questions please send them HERE.


I can’t wait to explore the letters and sounds with you!


Happy reading!




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