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What Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Prepare Your Child For Learning The Alphabet?



“I haven’t got a lot of time to spend helping my child learn the alphabet. What is a simple, quick thing I can do to help her?”


I could really end this blog right here and now by answering this question in three words:




That’s it – nothing more to be said…..


But – it’s not like me to miss the opportunity to explain myself!


 In my opinion, the best thing you can do to prepare your child for learning the alphabet is to READ TO THEM. In fact I reckon reading to your child is the number one thing that will help your  child learn all sorts of things to do with literacy.


Reading to your child is so good because they get to hear language and see it written down in front of them at the same time. Reading to your child shouldn’t be a lesson – just sit in a comfy spot where your child can see the book and enjoy the story. Over time you might find your child becoming interested in the ‘squiggles’ (letters) on the page and that is your chance to have a casual chat about them. Or you might start the discovery – “Oh look, this is the letter that your name starts with. And it’s here and here as well.” Don’t think you have to do this with every story but if you’ve decided your child is ready for letter learning then pick one book a day to point letters out in and talk about the sound they make. No fuss, just a quick point and chat! If your child shows interest, run with it! If not, keep reading the story and do the same thing tomorrow.


The letters in words, in the sentences, in the books you read will help your child learn the letters.



So if you only do one thing – READ TO THEM!


Hope this helps you! Next time I’ll send you some information on my favourite letter activity sites – there are some super clever people out there!

Until then,

Happy Reading!






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