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Why Is Learning The Letter Names And Sounds Important?


Learning the alphabet is important because it forms the ‘code’ for which we communicate. And if you don’t know the code, it will be very difficult to become a reader or a writer.



So there are a few things your child will need to learn:


  • Letter Symbols – your child needs to know that there are written symbols and they have names to identify themselves. These symbols (the letters) are different to pictures and have a constant meaning (ie. ‘b’ is always a ‘b’ – it won’t ever be a ‘z’)


  • Letter sounds – your child needs to know that these written symbols (the letters) represent a sound (or several sounds depending on the letter)


  • There is a system –when you put these letters together they make certain sounds which then can make certain words



Although it often seems that English has more exceptions then rules, the good news is there is a system to how it all works – the letters only have one name and depending on the situation a letter may have more than one way it can be sounded. For example the letter ‘a’ sounds different in ‘apple’ then it does in ‘cake’ – apple has a short vowel sound but cake has a long vowel sound. It is the ‘e’ in cake that has changed the way we say the ‘a’ in cake.


Now if thinking about these rules have sent you in to a blind panic because you don’t know them or it’s been years since you’ve had to think about them, don’t worry! The information I am sending you will focus on your child learning the most common sound a letter makes.


So learning the alphabet and the single sounds is very important – in fact I’d go as far as to say your child’s reading development depends on being able to recognise the letters and the sounds they represent and then being able to put it all together. So the activities and resources I will share in future blogs will give you a range of ideas to help your child learn the letter names and sounds. So make sure you don’t miss out on a week. Sign up to the newsletter above by just popping in your email address and I’ll be sure to get all the info I share to you.


Next time, I’ll share with you twenty ways to start getting letter learning in to your everyday – easily and simply!


Until then, happy reading!






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