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Best Letter Activity Websites

Sadly, I am missing an arty and crafty gene. I really admire (read “I am a little bit jealous”) of those people who can turn a paper plate into a work of art. But the fantastic thing about the interweb is the access we now have to these awesomely clever people!

Over the next weeks, I will be sharing letter activities, ideas and resources that I love. But I know some of you want some ideas right now. So I wanted to let you know of some great websites that have brilliant letter learning ideas. So lets get going!

1. No Time For Flashcards

When I entered this blogging world, one of the first websites that I loved was No Time For Flashcards. Allison McDonald shares wonderfully simple fun learning activities for young children. For letter learning activities I love:

Letter Of The Week Craft

25 Alphabet Activities For Kids


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