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A Letter To A Kindy Teacher

Dear Kindy Teacher,


We’ve only met briefly – I was the parent trying to (unsuccessfully) squeeze two butt cheeks onto one of those tiny chairs during the Kindy Orientation meeting.


I am about to hand over to you the thing I love most in the world.


I am nervous and scared and excited and sad and a little happy I might have some time to myself (is that wrong to say?).


This time 4 years ago I was pregnant with her. And now she is starting school. She is so ready.


I’m not sure I am.


I will try to do all the right things. I’ve put a fair bit of thought into lunches and drink bottles. Do all the children have sandwiches cut into animal shapes?


And I can’t wait to be a parent helper – boy, can I rip out a great version of  “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” and I know some great craftivities to match.


There are only a few things I really want for my child from school.


It’s mainly about her heart.


I hope you like her.


I hope you see my child.


I hope you give her sympathy when she needs it and guidance when she is off track.


I hope she has friends.  Please give her some other ideas when she wants to play ‘Frozen’ for the 30th time and no one else does.


I know you will care for her. I know you will teach her the things she needs to know and create a nurturing environment for her. And I know she’ll be fine.


I just want her to be happy at school.


Once I have dropped her off and cried in my car, I will be at the café around the corner pretending to enjoy my coffee but just thinking about her. If you need to call me, I can come back straight away. If she is upset please call.



Thank you in advance,


A Kindy Mother


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