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Term Four Tired

This is a real thing. Term Four Tired. From about Week 3 of Term 4 kids start to wear out. Parents start to wear out. Teachers too.

But everyone plods on. There are tantrums, tears and the sulks. Some children even have these too.

But as we start to wind up Term 4, we reflect on our child’s year – how have they gone? Are they on track? Are their social skills developing? Do they have friends? 

It’s a great time to read your child’s report and catch-up with your child’s Teacher if you have any questions – don’t stew on it – ASK! There may be a simple answer or there may be on that is a bit more convoluted but at least you will know. Wind up 2018 now.

Then we can all rest, sleep in (I wish! Even 7am would be nice!!) and enjoy the holls! 


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