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Children Start To Develop The Skills They Need To Read From The Time They Are Born

Sounds crazy, hey?

No, children can’t read text just as they pop out into the world. But they do start to develop some of the essential skills they need for reading. 

How does this work?

Well it’s a bit like crawling before you can walk. Before you become a reader you learn to talk. And learning to talk gives your child so many pre-reading skills. For example:

* hearing words and sounds

* understanding what words mean

* saying words and short sentences

So many important foundational skills!

So what can you do?

Talk to your baby. Through your everyday routine explain what you are doing. Do a lot of pointing.

Repeat names of people who they see often (the nice names you use anyway).

Point out things in your local environment and label them. It’s even better if you take the same route regularly as your baby will become familiar with the rhythm and pattern of what you are saying.

And if you are tired, and I know you are, pop an audio book onto the CD player or download some kids songs. Hearing all of these sounds, words and rhymes really helps with early literacy development. 

Get started early with these easy, everyday life activities. You are doing more for your child then you can imagine.

Happy reading!



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