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Pretend and Role Play

When my daughter was a toddler, she had an obsession with pretending. ‘Let’s tend’ was always followed up with some mad-cap idea that would either make me delighted, nervous or exhausted!

Pretending and dress-ups are beautiful ways to encourage your child to develop their imagination. The technique of a ‘home corner’ or ‘dress up section’ is often utilised in our early learning classrooms. 

A balance of free play and directed play helps with language development. Free play lets children go where they want. But directed play (where you guide or become involved in the play) is very helpful too. Your role in this situation would be to use new words to extend vocabulary. Or suggest new ideas. This helps develop your child’s vocabulary and story-telling skills. But don’t be bossy!!

I also think pretending helps children express themselves. Role play can put your child in the most amazing situations to develop their imagination and language skills.

Love it!

Happy Reading!



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