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Join This Online Course – Ten Reading Skills Your Child Should Have By The End Of Pre – Primary

Fantastic News!

I have launched a NEW online course!

It’s called:

‘Ten Reading Skills Your Child Should Have By The End Of Pre-Primary’

Please purchase at the bottom of this page!

Please join me, Leigh Parlor, Primary School Teacher and Literacy Consultant, for this simple, informative online course about Reading Skills.

Have you ever had these thoughts?
* ‘I’d just like to know what my child should be able to do.’
* ‘Is my child on track?’
* “I’m worried about my child’s reading but I don’t know what they should know at this age.’

This program is for:

• Parents with children just finishing the first year of compulsory schooling in Australia. This is:
– Pre-Primary (Western Australia)
– Preparatory (Victoria)
– Preparatory (Queensland)
– Preparatory (Tasmania)
– Kindergarten (New South Wales)
– Kindergarten (Australian Capital Territory)
– Transition (Northern Territory)

• Anyone who has an interest in reading development.

Or perhaps your child is entering this Foundation Year in 2020 – find out what they need to know!

When my daughter went into Pre-Primary I started to think about her literacy development. I hoped she was going okay. I was worried if she was keeping up. However I had the background knowledge as a Teacher to take my ‘Mum’ hat off (full of worries and concerns!) and put my ‘Teacher’ hat on. I knew what was expected of her Reading Development in the first year of mandatory school so I could see she was fine and my fears were dissolved.
Anothe parent said, ‘ You are lucky, you know what they should be doing. I have no idea.’

And that’s true – I did have the knowledge.

So over time I knew if I could package up some information in an easy to access, simple program I could help so many other parents who were wondering ‘What should my child be able to do in reading?’
And here it is!

Are you reading to join me?

In this online course I share ten reading skills your child should have by the end of Pre Primary, the first year of compulsory schooling.
This course costs only $37 AUD – a bargain for peace of mind!

What Do You Get In This Online Course?

• You get 6 modules that outline the ten reading skills your child should have by the end of the school year. In these modules I also give suggestions on how you can support your child’s reading development at home – I like simple ideas!

• I speak about the importance and power of reading to your child. I outline why I think it is the number one thing a parent can do for their child’s reading development.

• I’ve provided a ‘Quick Version’ of the Ten Reading Skills Your Child Should Have By The End Of The School Year. Many of us are time poor so I outline the skills in less than two and a half minutes!

• All of the modules are accessed through a Private Facebook Page Group so you can easily watch and listen to it for as long, or as little, time you have! I love the convenience of this – you can watch and listen anywhere! You can have a look at all of the modules at once, or just go at your own pace. You decide!

• You will have access to this program until 31st December 2020 through Facebook.

• As this program is of a general nature, I also outline what you can do if you have further concerns or questions about your child’s reading development.

What to do now:

• Once I have confirmed your payment you will receive the link to the Private Facebook Group which will have all of the modules uploaded to it. Click on the link and I will approve it once I have confirmed your purchase. You can then start the course when you like!

• My personal business email address is and my phone number is 0427 999 505 should you need it!
This program is of a general nature and I cannot answer specific questions about your child’s literacy development or circumstances. I recommend seeking further, individual information from appropriate professionals should you have any concerns, worries or require information specifically about your child.

You are purchasing the modules. The Private Facebook Group you will have access on launch day is the platform for viewing this course only. I will not answer questions in this group.

If you have any technical issues please email me at

Please click here to purchase:


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