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Reading – What Your Child Should Know By The End Of Year Two

All of my posts are starting like this – please, do not worry yourself. These are very strange times. And if your child is a nightmare for you when learning at home, you are not alone. You would be in a gang of thousands of parents who are suffering with their child learning at home. Just be kind on yourself and your child. If things get done, great. If not, it’s ok. I can guarantee you are not the only one!

But if you are wanting to have a bit more info up your sleeve, I’ve written the super important reading skills and knowledge for Year Two below.

Teachers would follow this list so don;t be daunted. If you have any questions please contact me at
I’d really like to help you!


At the end of Year Two Your Child Should Be Able To:

* Read more challenging text. Those that have long and short sentences, those that have some unknown words and those that have most of the most common words in them.

Your child’s reading should be becoming more fluent, not as stop/start.

* Use their knowledge of the variety of sounds a letter (or letters) can make. For example ‘i’ makes a different sound in ‘insect’ compared to ‘icecream’.

* Be able to stop and self-correct reading errors and check that they are understanding of what they are reading.

* Use their varied knowledge to read the text – – use their knowledge of phonics- use the punctuation.

* Find elements in the text that describe characters and events.

* Communicate factual information they have read.

* Understand literal and implied meaning.

* Identify the main ideas plus supporting detail.

* Make connections between texts by comparing them.

* Explain and justify their opinions and preferences of texts.

Please don’t attempt to have these all done by next week! Pick one and see how you go.

Once again, contact me for help!

Happy Reading!



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