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Term Four Tired

This is a real thing. Term Four Tired. From about Week 3 of Term 4 kids start to wear out. Parents start to wear out. Teachers too. But everyone plods on. There are tantrums, tears and the sulks. Some children even have these too. But as we start to wind up Term 4, we reflect […]... [READ MORE HERE]

A Letter To A Kindy Teacher

Dear Kindy Teacher,   We’ve only met briefly – I was the parent trying to (unsuccessfully) squeeze two butt cheeks onto one of those tiny chairs during the Kindy Orientation meeting.   I am about to hand over to you the thing I love most in the world.   I am nervous and scared and […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Best Letter Activity Websites

Sadly, I am missing an arty and crafty gene. I really admire (read “I am a little bit jealous”) of those people who can turn a paper plate into a work of art. But the fantastic thing about the interweb is the access we now have to these awesomely clever people! Over the next weeks, […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Do You Read To Your Child Correctly?

As parents we often ask ourselves ‘Am I doing it right?’ – ‘Am I feeding my child the best food?’, ‘Am I giving my child enough active play?’- most of us have a constant dialogue going on in our head.  It can get pretty noisy in there! And most of us are pretty hard on […]... [READ MORE HERE]

The One Thing Every Parent Should Do To Help Their Child Learn To Read

One of the most common questions I get asked by parents is, ‘What can I do to help my child learn to read?’ And in my opinion the answer is very simple. It can be summed up in four words. Read to your child. Yep, that’s it – I really could leave it at that! But […]... [READ MORE HERE]

3 Tips To Build Your Child’s Vocabulary

Racing around the other morning I said to my 2 year old daughter,   “I’m just going to pack my bag then we’ll go.”   “That’s ok Mummy, I’m waiting patiently.”   Waiting patiently! Where did she learn to say this?!   “Thank you, darling, that’s very nice.”   I had to know…   “Where […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Role Play – The Power of Pretend

“You should’ve seen her,” my husband said proudly. “When the doctor wanted to look in her ears, Belle flicked her hair back and when the doctor said she was going to listen to her chest, Belle pulled her jumper up and breathed in and out for her. She just knew what to do!” Having recently caught a cold, […]... [READ MORE HERE]

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