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What Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Prepare Your Child For Learning The Alphabet?

    “I haven’t got a lot of time to spend helping my child learn the alphabet. What is a simple, quick thing I can do to help her?”   I could really end this blog right here and now by answering this question in three words:   READ TO THEM   That’s it – […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Which Order Should My Child Learn The Letters?

Hello Everyone! So where do you start when you are exploring the letters of the alphabet with your child. There are three ways I’d like you to consider and then choose what works for your family! Here they are:   1. Personally Important Letters   If your child is just starting out on their journey of learning […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Setting Up A Happy Letter Learning Environment At Home

    A great thing you can do to help your child learn the letters of the alphabet is to set up the right learning environment at home. But before you go out and buy desks and make your house look like a classroom – STOP! Try these ideas that are far more fun!   […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Should My Child Learn The Letters Or Sounds First?

       Hello Everyone! It’s time to answer a question that I am quite often asked. ‘Which should I teach my child first – the letter names or the sounds?’   And this is what I think:   Do them both at the same time.   I just think it makes more sense to do […]... [READ MORE HERE]

20 Great Ways To Introduce Letter Learning Into The Every Day

  Learning the letters doesn’t have to be boring – for you or your child!  If you are stuck for ideas, try some of these fun and simple ways to learn the letters in your every day.   Here are 20 ways to play with letters:   Whenever you child does a painting or a drawing, write their name at the […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Why Is Learning The Letter Names And Sounds Important?

Learning the alphabet is important because it forms the ‘code’ for which we communicate. And if you don’t know the code, it will be very difficult to become a reader or a writer.     So there are a few things your child will need to learn:   Letter Symbols – your child needs to […]... [READ MORE HERE]

When Should My Child Learn The Letters Of The Alphabet?

      You’d probably be surprised with how much ground work you’ve already put in to your child learning the letters of the alphabet.   If you’ve sang the ‘ABC’ song, watched a few episodes of ‘Sesame Street’ and read to your child regularly, your child has already had a fair amount of exposure […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Exploring The Alphabet – Strategy Two

Hello Everyone! We have been looking at different ways children can explore the alphabet. These ideas can be used at home or in the classroom. Before children start to read the words on the page, it is a great idea to just let them explore, play and have fun with letters. Some children pick up the […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Exploring The Alphabet and Single Sounds

Hello Everyone! Before your child begins the ‘formal’ part of learning to read, they need to be given the opportunity to explore the letters of the alphabet and hear the single sounds in ‘less formal’ situations. Exploring the letters and sounds is an important part to your child learning to read. Children need to be introduced to […]... [READ MORE HERE]