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What Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Prepare Your Child For Learning The Alphabet?

    “I haven’t got a lot of time to spend helping my child learn the alphabet. What is a simple, quick thing I can do to help her?”   I could really end this blog right here and now by answering this question in three words:   READ TO THEM   That’s it – […]... [READ MORE HERE]

The One Thing Every Parent Should Do To Help Their Child Learn To Read

One of the most common questions I get asked by parents is, ‘What can I do to help my child learn to read?’ And in my opinion the answer is very simple. It can be summed up in four words. Read to your child. Yep, that’s it – I really could leave it at that! But […]... [READ MORE HERE]

ABC Opportunity

It’s not unusual for me to leave things around.  A pile of papers here, a book there – I’m always so busy! I think, ‘I’ll sort it out later, or tomorrow or maybe on the weekend. …’. So it was no surprise that I had left out some paper letters after I had photographed them […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Great Reading Foundations – Phonological Awareness

This article was written by Leigh Parlor and first appeared at . It is the second of seven in the ‘Great Reading Foundations’ series for Beginning Readers. To view the first article on Building Vocabulary click here.   There are many skills required for children to become successful readers. One essential pre-reading skill I love covering with my students […]... [READ MORE HERE]

How Do I Choose A Book To Read To My Child?

As a Teacher, I am often asked “How do I choose a book to read to my child?”.  As parents we worry that there are certain books that we should be reading to our children. And whilst there are some books I would consider ‘unmissable’ (that’s another article!), I kind of think as long as you are reading to your […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Great Reading Foundations – Building Vocabulary

This article is the first of seven in the ‘Great Reading Foundations’ series for Beginning Readers.     Have you watched ‘Sesame Street’ lately? I hadn’t for many years until my little Belle discovered it a couple of months ago. It’s entertaining and focused on valuing children and education. All super important stuff. One segment that […]... [READ MORE HERE]